We at African Planning Association celebrate with South African Planning Institute (SAPI) on its 8th Planning Africa Conference. The Conference had over the years become a rendezvous for all Planners from African countries and beyond. Issues raised and discussed had always been of immense relevance to all African Planners and those interested and involved in Planning in Africa.

It is nice to recall how delegates from various African Planning Organizations decided at SAPI 2002 Conference to establish an Association of Planning Professional Bodies in Africa which is now known as African Planning Association (APA). SAPI had since then functioned as the Secretariat for APA which had grown to have professional bodies from about 27 countries in the various regions of Africa as member. It is gladdening that the 8th Planning Africa Conference is being held in Cape Town from 14th to 18th October, 2018.

The theme of the Conference “The Making of Modern African Cities” is very apt at this period when globalization and Information Technology are having great impact on human settlements despite the fact that we should not lose sight of our African identity. We in APA support the theme and the aim of the conference to “provide a platform where key stakeholders can engage in sharing ideas on planning challenges and global thinking on planning development” with the opportunity for Africans to determine the direction to go. The platform also offers practitioners the opportunity to bring their ideas to a wider audience through the publication of the Conference Proceedings.

APA supports SAPI in this endeavour and hopes this 8th Planning Africa Conference will be as successful as the earlier 7 held since 2002.

It is our hope that the Conference will also give delegates from various African countries the opportunity to reenergize APA.


Waheed A. Kadiri





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Dear President Nthato Minyuku and members of the South African Planning Institute

It is my great privilege as the President of the Commonwealth Association of Planners representing more than 40 000 planners around the globe to wish the participants of the 8th Planning Africa conference a highly successful event.

`The Making of Modern African Cities' is an excellent theme and the concept of 'grappling with realities' will inspire attendees to tackle the hard issues we in the planning profession need to deal with.

In particular, I am excited to see you considering the potential changes in cities as we move to future and modern times. Key changes in cities such as urbanization, rising inequality, challenges to service provision and costs of decreasing density are all key issues as noted in the recent publication Urbanization and Development Emerging Futures (UN Human Settlement Programme 2016). Your program and sub- themes will help attendees including the planning profession be inspired and able to achieve your goal of responding dynamically to the needs and aspirations of communities and assist in progress towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

I would love to have joined you for this event but I am required in my work role ahead of the Commonwealth Games here in my city next April.

I look forward to hearing outcomes and key solutions derived during this conference.

Conferences are a time to reinvigorate, regenerate and share learnings. A time to help plan for the future, while asking yourselves the hard questions and helping to articulate the value of planning. Planning matters and planners add value in the tough decisions about developing the future state of our communities.

My best wishes for this event. I wish you well.


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Dyan Currie

President Commonwealth Association of Planners